Old Skool small businesses need to work smarter.

They are hard-working, determined and they know the value of everything. Their whole mission is to put food on their family’s table and earn a living. Once they’ve set up, ironed out all the little niggles, they can start to generate income. And that’s it. They are settled and don’t want to rock the boat. Just keep it steady and let’s not take any risks.

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years and years turn into decades. And before they know it the boat looks a bit scruffy, leaking all over the place and the income is slowly evaporating.

This was the case in point for Shahi Nan Kabab. A great street food little restaurant that needed to freshen up its look both on the inside and the outside. We are in the middle of a full interior redesign, from the loos right to front of house. But first we needed to look at the brand to refresh and still make it appeal to both old and new customers.

Watch this space for new updates as we bring the new Shahi Nan Kabab restaurant to life.