When an estate agency comes to you for a new name and brand, what can you create that doesn’t involve oak trees, acorns, roofs, squares or dogs?

It’s simple really. A modern city estate agency needs to reflect the people it represents, its city and its culture. Birmingham is a sprawling urban landscape, full off creativity, full of different flavours and importantly, a young professional urban demographic who want to rent and buy. It’s also a city that never stops and this gave us our creative proposition to work from. It gave us our idea.

With this in mind we came up with name and brand that reflected the lifestyle and culture of the city’s younger home-hunting demographic. To this end, we used a simple vibrant clean font to catch the eye and a voice that ‘the kids’ would appreciate and react to.



Liv.24 is now thriving in the nation’s second city. The lesson to be taken away here is, know your market, take a risk and be true to your business needs.